Operation Mom

Military Family Support

How we got started

Our program, Operation: MOM was birthed by two friends, Dotty and Gloria, who each had a son in the Marine Corps. We began as a support system that shared a common purpose and destiny - to support those who serve in our military and one another as family members of our troops. Dotty and Gloria's family members have served in the Army, Army Air Corps/Air Force, Navy and Marines during WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the Gulf War conflicts in the Middle East.

In this journey, we picked up many friends who joined us, and we quickly became a multi-service organization and greatly expanded our vision and purposes. We have come a long way since our inception in 2001, have sent hundreds of thousands of gift boxes to our military personnel and have loved and cared for their families all across the country and overseas. This also included the provision for grants that financially assisted military families with housing, food, utilities and college tuition.

Unfortunately, as a direct result in our economy, our donations have dwindled to the point where we can no longer financially assist with any of our former activities. Our member groups who choose to continue sending out troop packages to their local military members will do so as a grass roots project based on local donations availability only. We will continue to offer non-financial personal care and support for as long as there is local need.

We thank all our supporters and partners through the many years for their help, donations and encouragement.

Operation Mom