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I love taking my kids outdoors. As a parent, I want my kids to have a great relationship with Mother Nature.

Now, don’t get excited, I’m not saying that you should take them to some sort of natural landmark. I’m not saying that you should take them to a great tour of all the national parks in your particular state or particular region. I’m not saying that.

You don’t have to overboard. You don’t have to take this to extremes. By simply taking them to  your local neighborhood park, you go a long way in having your kids reconnect with Mother Nature.

As long as there’s stuff that is green there, as long as they’re growing there, they can’t help but reconnect with mother nature. It makes for a great spiritual reboot, if you will. The typical American park usually has some wide open green space, lots of trees. Some even feature some sort of water element. It’s often not all that big. Maybe some sort of man-made lake or even a stream. Whatever the case may be, the typical park in the US and Western Europe has enough greenery and natural elements that can enable people to reconnect with nature.

I know that’s kind of a mouthful, I know that’s kind of a bit heavy, but there’s really no other way I could say it. Because when you find yourself spending a tremendous amount of time enclosed by four concrete walls, things get old quickly.

You become a little bit antsy. It’s very easy for you to feel desperate. It’s very easy for you to feel closed in.

When you make it a point to go somewhere open where there’s a lot of green space and when there is a lot of natural scenery, part of you soars.

Part of you feels liberated. Part of you feels refreshed. And nothing takes this experience to a whole other level than to bring along a ukulele and play that ukulele.

There’s just something about ukulele music that speaks to the soul There’s just something about this musical instrument that enables us to feel a sense of sincerity and authenticity that we feel that we’ve been missing in many parts of our life.

This is especially true if you find yourself in any kind of synthetic environment like some sort of inner city or cosmopolitan core.

So do yourself a big favor, take your kids to the great outdoors. Bring an outdoor ukulele and let them play with it and let them listen to you play it.

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