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The Special Challenges of a Military Mom

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Being a mom is stressful enough as it is. Any parent is always worried about their child.

This is especially true if you have a young child. If your son is very active, for example, you’re always wondering if he’s going to fall on the ground hard and scrape his knee, catch some sort of disease from ground bacteria or microbes, along with a thousand other things that could go wrong with him.

The sound of his voice, the way he talks, his excitement, just truly makes your life so much richer. In fact, I would say that for most parents, they feel that they haven’t truly lived until they became a parent. Only until you see how wide open the world is when you view it through the eyes of your child do you really feel alive.

Before you became a parent, you were under all sorts of stress, pressure or frustration. You might even be so caught up in yourself that you have reduced the world to some sort of routine or you’re just going through the motions as you work through the formula of the world that you have set out in your head. But all that comes crashing down when you have a child.

This is the time where you actually are forced to step out of the gravitational pull of yourself and truly unconditionally care for another human being. It brings with it a tremendous amount of joy, but also a crushing level of responsibility.

Every parent, whether a mom or a dad, knows this, but moms especially have an intense bond with their child that simply cannot be contained in this fragile vessels we call words. And that’s why being a military mom, with all the risks that it entails, takes the everyday frustrations, worries, stresses and pressures of a mom to an almost unspeakable level.

And that’s why a lot of other moms cannot understand what it’s like to be a military mom. They don’t really understand that at any one second, regardless of where your child is stationed, a bullet can either cut your child’s life short or cause irreparable damage that would change the whole trajectory of your child’s life.

Most people cannot understand this. They’re not even aware of it. And that’s why we have created this website to enable military moms of all backgrounds, of all experiences, to simply connect on a heart to heart, human to human level.

There is a lot more that unites us than divides us because ultimately, in the face of our love for our child, differences melt away.  This is not just an empty hope. Instead, we have seen with our own very eyes that this is not just possible but all too real. People from all walks of life find comfort and shared strength on this platform as they overcome trauma, share stories, and share resources. The best resource you can share with someone is not money. Nope. Not by a long shot. Instead, it is your attention, compassion, and open ears. This can make all the difference in the world and that’s why we are glad we have such a platform that can make this all happen.