Operation Mom, A Military Family Support Group


  • I would like to know who were the recent recipients of Operation Mom's Scholarship
  • I have just been discharged from the military and need financial help. Can you help me?
    Our sole purpose is to provide care, comfort, solace, encouragement and financial support to Active Duty members, Ready Reservists and their families. If you are on inactive reserve status, discharged or retired, we cannot help you. Their are many programs that assist in that area. CLICK HERE. I wish we could help everyone, but our mission is a narrow one, which allows us to use all of our resources to be greatly effective in one major area. Better to highly effective in one than ineffective in many.
  • I have been told that you support the Wounded Warrior Project. I am a Disabled Veteran and want to know if you can help me.
    While we do actively collaborate with them and help advertise their program to the world, we do not replicate their efforts. It is better to be best in one area than mediocre in many. Nobody can do what they do better. All of our resources go to what we do best, which is to provide care, comfort, solace, encouragement and financial support to Active Duty members, Ready Reservists and their families only.
  • I am the wife of an Active Duty Army Soldier. I need help for tuition to finish college, so I may qualify for a better job to help with our finances. Can you help us?
    As our mission supports Active Duty members, Ready Reservists and their families, you certainly qualify for assistance. However, our financial support is prioritized for those who have the greatest needs. We have helped family members fly to visit a relative for the last time due to terminal cancer, paid for medications, assisted with a mortgage or rent payment where they would be homeless without such assistance. We have filled up empty refrigerators, repaired cars, and the list goes on. In each case, the needs dealt with issues of death, health, homeliness, hunger, loss of critical transportation, and in each case, they could not pay for it.

    We would love to help you and those with similar needs, but it would be unconscionable for us to help someone with something they do not need for basic survival, while others are struggling just to live. Once these are assisted, we would certainly consider your need, and do agree that it is important and worthy of help.
  • I have just read your FAQ and am confused. I hear you give money for scholarships, but just read you cannot help someone who needs help with tuition. Can you explain?
    Absolutely. We receive the bulk of our financial resources from corporations and organizations who wish to donate to a particular fund, and expect their donations to be used for that purpose. Operation Mom has two funded programs, which are the Scholarship Fund and our General Fund. Monies given to the General fund allow us to provide assistance in any way we wish, which usually goes towards Little-Touch-Of-Home Troop packages and Grants for assistance to family members of Active-Duty and Ready-Reservists. If the donations are specifically directed towards the Scholarship Fund, then they MUST be used for that purpose.

    The Scholarship program requires the following:

    * You must be the child of a parent who is either on Active Duty, a Ready Reservist, Honorably Discharged or a Retired Military Member.
    * You must be between 17-20 years of age
    * You must be a High School Graduate
    * You must either be attending college or are preparing to attend college within 1 year of the request.

    The Grant program requires the following:

    * Requesting party is on Active Duty, or a Ready Reservist, or a related family member of one (Spouse, Child, Etc)
    * We fund all our requests based on priority of need. As an example, we will help prevent an eviction, PGE shutdown, or fill an empty refrigerator before assisting someones tuition needs.
    * Our ability to provide Grants are always in lock-step with our pool of donations. We can only give what is given to us.

    Over 90% of all donations Operation Mom receives goes towards support and scholarship assistance as defined above. The remainder allows us to administrate the program. Operation Mom has no employees, and depends on volunteers to perform all of her responsibilities. Even the board members and officers are volunteers. We receive no gratuities, stipends or financial gift whats-so-ever. This allows us to maximize all donations towards those whom we support. So it has been since 2001. We are always in desperate need of additional funding to expand the numbers of troops and families we support.
  • I am trying to view something that was on the website previously, but is no longer available.
    We have recently updated our website and some of the links have been renamed. Should this be the case, please go to our SITE MAP and locate your page or file.

    The problem could also be your web browser, which stores graphics and text from web sites that you visit. This storage facility is called the cache. The reason web browsers have a cache is that it is quicker and easier to load images, etc. from cache on your hard drive than downloading them again. Over time, your browser's cache gets full and the information gets outdated. The solution to this is to clear the cache and reload the page.
  • I cannot view all the material on you're website.
    We use Javascript only, without FLASH. You must enable your web browser for Java, Javascript, and enable all plugins. If you need assistance, please contact me at ... support@operationmom.org
  • I want to make a cash/check donation. Where do I send it?
    Our address can be found on our home page as well as here:

    4061 East Castro Valley Blvd; #411
    Castro Valley Ca. 94552
    Phone/Fax (510)909-2714
  • Where does all the income go from product sales ?
    The majority of the money goes directly to cover postage for sending our care packages. As postage is the most costly, sending thousands upon thousands of care packages abroad (About $12.00 a box) requires great resources of funding. This is one of the many ways in which we recover those costs.

    95% of all proceeds from donations and product sales go directly to the needs of our troops and their families. Extended care (financial) to families on occasion for bonafide emergencies are also part of what we do.

    5% of our proceeds go directly to operating costs associated with running a national organization, such as costs associated with insurance, telephones, website, office supplies and the like.

    No one draws a paycheck or benefits financially from Operation Mom. Neither its Board of Directors, Group Leaders or volunteers. In this respect, we are all unpaid volunteers in service of our greatest passion, our military families and their loved ones serving our country.
  • How can I send a care package to my family member who is serving in the military?
    Just send us the name and address. Our priority will be sending packages to our military members assigned overseas or aboard military vessels, and then those assigned in the continental United States.
  • Can I be a Pen Pal?
    We do not have a pen pal program. However, on our web site under RESOURCES / Links, there is information you may access that may provide this information.
  • Can I write a letter, note or give a card to the troops?
    If you desire to have Operation Mom send it out, please contact us for our letter writing guidelines. We will read each and every letter before sending them to ensure they are not harmful to our military personnel. The letters or notes will be included in our 'A Little Touch of Home' packages'. We may also mail a large collection of letters/notes to our troops, using the addresses we have, in a large envelope so many troops will have an opportunity to receive mail.
  • If I choose to send out packages on my own independant of Operation Mom, what should I send?
    Check out our 'A Little Touch of Home' items posted on our web site under SERVICE PROJECTS for ideas.
  • How can I send out my own package independant of Operation Mom?
    You may only send a package directly to the troops if you have their specific name and address. Check within your community, your church or place of business to ascertain if you can find someone to help you. We do not provide names and addresses due to security constraints. You may also sponsor a gift box through "Our Products" on our web site.
  • How are the care packages for the troops sent out?
    The majority of our packages are mailed out to military personnel whom we have addresses for. The addresses are provided to us by family members and friends of those serving in the military. We are always looking for additional names!
  • Can I or my service group put together Care Packages?
    You certainly may do this on your own. Organizations, scouts and schools can hold their own "A Little Touch of Home" item drive, collecting products and donations for Operation Mom.

    If your request is to participate in the packaging and sending of troops boxes, you must be part of a local group near you. Packaging and sending care packages is an outreach or adjunct service that our groups perform within their primary function of providing military family support. Also, we are extremely cautious of what is sent to our troops. Unfortunately, there is a small group of disenchanted citizens who desire to harass those serving in the military out of wrong motives. They have been known to include things that are not healthy or respectful to our troops. For that reason, we carefully prepare each box under constant supervision for their benefit.

  • Where are the Drop-Off locations and what if I live too far away from one?
    The Drop-Off locations are listed under SERVICE PROJECTS / Drop-Off.

    If you are too far away from a local Drop-Off location, you can mail your donation items to Operation:MOM or check with your local American Red Cross office. They also accept donated items to send care packages.
  • How can I contribute?
    Donations of items (see list on our web) are always needed. Also, we need monetary donations to help pay for postage. It costs Operation:MOM about $12 for postage to send out one (1) box. Scouts and schools can hold their own "A Little Touch of Home" item drive and donate the items or monetary donations they collect them.
  • What is the purpose of "A Little Touch of Home" ?
    The purpose is to boost the morale of our troops. The packages are an expression of our gratitude to our troops to remind them that we are behind them, we have not forgotten them, and that we pray for them. Anyone can contribute to this project.
  • What is "A Little Touch of Home" ?
    It is a service project for sending out care packages to our troops that include hygiene, food items and things that meet their emotional needs. Each box has several smaller packages inside so that many troops may receive A Little Touch of Home.
  • What is Operation Mom
    Operation: MOM is first a military family support group with all military branches represented. We have monthly meetings to support one another during these uncertain times. Operation:MOM is a safe place to share your concerns and fears. It's a place to get encouragement from others who share similar feelings, and to be active in our communities allowing others to know there is hope. We have been doing this nation wide since 2001.

    As an outreach or adjunct service, Operation Mom also sends "A Little Touch of Home" packages, letters, and things that will help our troops physically and emotionally. We also have assisted many veterans and their families in their post service lives. We have been doing this since 2001.